Welcome to all Single Women out there!!

Welcome to our site for single women everywhere!!!

Successful Single Ladies™, will  lift your spirits, provide hope, and show you how, contrary to what some in society would have you believe, being single can be fun, exciting and fulfilling!

You will be inspired and informed by  our exciting new book by VV Thomas due out in the autumn.

VV Thomas, (Vi) has led, coached and inspired women for over 28 years. Through her work within the public sector and local churches in the UK, she has committed her life to helping others improve their lives and futures.

As a single woman, she has spent most of her life climbing the corporate ladder, placing love and romance on the back burner. Now, having witnessed other single women become disillusioned, and discouraged because love has not found them and they face a future alone, Vi shares her secrets to a fulfilled single life through her new book for single ladies.

In her new book ‘Successful Single Ladies™ :  10 keys to live a successful single life’ you’ll discover::

  • How to live a happy life
  • How to build a powerful network of friends and supporters
  • How to safeguard your financial future
  • Why being single is much better than being in an unhappy relationship
  • When independence needs to give way to interdependence
  • How to celebrate (yes, celebrate), being single….and much, much more…

To reserve your copy, please leave your details below!! This great and inspiring book will be out in the autumn 2016, so be amongst the first to get a copy hot off the press!!